Microbus Rent

Opel Vivaro - Ecorent autonoma

If it is needed to carry more people, but the public transportation doesn’t go there or to rent it is too expensive, Ecorent car rental can help. It includes a variety of vehicles in which counts also minivans. Each of them has been tested and is ready to de driven, definitely making it a great […]

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Truck Rent

Renault Master - Ecorent autonoma

In life each may have to face the need for a roomy car. This can in cases of events, moving from one residence to another, product or some important property delivery if oneself must take the selected cases. Truck car rent is a great problem solution because for a relatively small cast you can use […]

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BMW Car Rent

BMW X3 - Ecorent autonoma

Regardless of whether a car is necessary for business or simple leisure Ecorent offers excellent solutions for different occasions. It is no secret that in Latvia BMW brand cars are in one of the highest demand. Therefore, it is offered each at least try it for a rental period. Rent is available for different periods […]

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