Microbus Rent

Opel Vivaro - Ecorent autonomaIf it is needed to carry more people, but the public transportation doesn’t go there or to rent it is too expensive, Ecorent car rental can help. It includes a variety of vehicles in which counts also minivans. Each of them has been tested and is ready to de driven, definitely making it a great choice.

Different minibuses

Currently available are 4 different minibuses. Each of them costs only 30 Ls per day and as a fuel they use diesel, making them economical and practical for different travels. They have 9 seats except year 2003 release Mercedes Benz Vito L. For comfort it is possible to choose manual or automatic transmission, which usually depends on the driver’s habit. In every car are many devices for comfort including air conditioners, a place for microphone, music players, comfortable seat controls, allowing them to be fully reclined in the times of necessity. Every inside of the car can be adapted to your needs, but not forgetting that the vehicle must be returned the same way it was received. The same applies to any mechanical damage that can occur if there is not enough attention drawn to the correct consumption of oil, fuel, etc. Then will be needed to pay the cost of repair to cover the damages appeared during the rental period. In terms of theft and other mechanical damages, there is the same tenant responsibility. Each minibus has fixed deductible sum by which the risk is. It can be reduced if there is made an additional charge. There is also added standard bail money that is given back if the vehicle is returned without problems. It the travel takes long distance, it is needed to remember also that the price includes 400 km daily mileage limit. Also in the price is obligatory liability insurance CASCO as well as car body cleaning, which can be very useful in case of travel or shorter trip. Since the vehicle will make to feel more confident and comfortable throughout the journey, which can be starting from 24 hours up to several weeks it such a need arises. In the agreement period it is possible also to change the vehicle, making the choice even easier. Everything depends on the needs of each tenant. Experienced team will be able to offer and recommend the best solutions via e-mail or telephone. The modern approach will guarantee a quick response and reservation confirmation regardless of time and place.

Great choice

Ecorent minibus rent is a great choice for various occasions as for celebration guest transportation, private tours, where is no willingness to pay to professional organizers and is a want to be planners themselves, etc. cases. Price balances with quality, providing excellent choice, regardless of that exactly minibus is selected. Issues of interest can be ascertained at the time of receiving a car. Each in the vehicle can feel like in his own private transport rather than some public transportation as there would be only known and chosen people. Only problem for some might seem prohibition to smoke and transport animals in the car. It is mostly because it is quite difficult to clean and if the vehicle is rented independently, to maintain it is a good condition and appearance is important and this is achieved through different rules that still aren’t too drastic to be fulfilled. There are plenty of options that are offed when vehicles are rented, thus it is worth to use and enjoy the chance to have a trip when you want without comparing it with some travel agency. Everyone has the right to enjoy freedom and other options provided by the multi-seat vehicles during self-interest driving with a qualitative vehicle also outside the Latvia.

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