Luxury Car Rental in Riga

BMW 730 - Ecorent AutonomaEcorent offers a variety of solutions including the most beneficial and for those who want to get the best comfort. It is possible to obtain different solutions in combination with high class, comfort and cost. Luxury car rental in Riga becomes more and more demanded in different events or some important moment when it important to leave a good impression. This can be done with the help of an elegant car.

In the offer can find a great Mercedes S320, which is released in year 2004. It is ideally suitable for driving on city roads, enough standing out in the crowd not with a bright color or a radical design form, but retained classic style. German manufacturer’s Mercedes-Benz has included the best technology solutions in their products. It applies to the engine, interior parts as well as security systems, etc. Did you know that the S-Class sedans are still ranked in the world’s top-selling luxury sedans? ‘‘S’’ from English language stands for ‘‘special class’’ that means a class that is unique itself. Advanced engine technology allows you to go up to 160 km/h in just 9 seconds. Despite the fact that this characteristic is unlikely to be useful in the city, it just shows the car’s excellent condition and options.

Exclusive cars

As not everyone can afford exclusive cars, luxury car rental in Riga offers the possibility to rent year 2004 Mercedes S320 as well as other cars at the desired time. It is easily to be done via help of the internet or telephone that can be found in the website. The particular car will cost only 60 Ls per day with the option to rent for your desired length with a minimum period of 24 hours. It is equipped with an automatic gearbox as well as diesel that gives a lower fuel consumption. Surely can be asked additional questions and interested things can be asked through the e-mail or telephone. High quality car will never let you down and will perfectly fit in the city’s rhythms, which usually will the urgency to follow them. In the car each can feel comfortable as well as some rules won’t cause problems, because Riga is not that big to exceed kilometers or some other restrictions. It is also less likely that there will be any need to keep a pet in the car which is prohibited. The most important rule that includes also other rules is that the exclusive car must be returned in the same condition as received. it shouldn’t be a problem unless the vehicle is stolen or someone intentionally doesn’t damage it’s body. Then comes a tenant responsibility, which includes the amount of which he is risking. For each car it is different and for luxury car it is quite big, but it is possible to reduce it with an extra cost. Tenant is also responsible for the mechanical damage that may occur as a result of incorrect maintenance, such as filling up with the wrong fuel, or not following oil or some other parameters that are important for successful operation of the car.


Ecorent offers to rent a luxury car at any desired time and place. This can be easily done via the internet or telephone, thus not losing time on booking. A special car will useful for different moments, making everyone feel a lot comfortable and special. It is less likely that this type of car will leave someone indifferent. Lease terms will help you to select special offers for reasonable prices and quality. Everyone needs to try the best class cars without the need to take a leasing or otherwise purchasing, because in everyday use not everyone can afford it.

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