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Opel Vivaro - Ecorent autonomaA great offer full kit for car rental is the transfer service. Nowadays it is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are realizing the benefits and comfort. Price includes car rental, chauffeur services, the required fuel, PVN and compulsory auto insurance. By mutual agreement, it is possible choose a variety of routes, where to apply such service. You won’t have to worry about driving not only in Latvia, but also throughout Europe. A professional driver will be nothing against for a greater distance. It is a great opportunity for any required time to make a reservation and signing an agreement.

Common types of services

One of the most common types of services are customer picking-up at the airport ‘‘Riga’’ (RIX) and taken to one of Riga hotels. The same way works also in the city’s Central Railway Station, Riga Passenger Port and other places where the customer can be located after entering the country. This is the best option because there isn’t a need to think about the use of a public transportation and if traveling in a group, it is especially gainful. None can get lost or drive in the wrong direction, regardless of the time when the plane lands. Easy and comfortable can be driving to other Latvian cities. It is one of the necessities when, for example, an aircraft is landing in the middle of the night and no public transport goes to the specified location. Taxi in this case will be a lot more expensive.
In addition for reasonable prices can also rent child seats for different ages, roof rack, GPS, and various other useful things that will make feel like in a private car. The desire to use some of them is simply needed to be specified when booking. Each selected vehicle complies with all the necessary security requirements so there isn’t a need to be afraid of a deeper trip or during shipment something could break down and would need repair. Each lesser has the responsibility to return the rented car in the same condition as it was received. In order to avoid any mechanical damage it isn’t so difficult to meet the task. One of the most important things that must be done is to follow the proper refueling, the level of it as well as a variety of other liquids and oil levels. It is not too difficult or seamlessly, especially in the automatic cars where a lot of the things are told ahead.

Transfer service

Transfer service is a great solution for anyone who has been faced with the need for transport from a place that was not really in a every day’s route. Rent cars can be virtually anywhere and at any time if the booking has been made at the time via internet or over the telephone. Other terms can be dealt with over time, providing numerous opportunities for both sides to win and if necessary in the future keeping in touch. Everyone can choose the best solution for the needs to get from one place to another from a range of different cars. The driver will only be a great addition.

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