Minivan Rent

Hyundai Trajet - Ecorent autonomaThe increasing popularity of passengers and small cargo transportation takes minivans or small passenger minibuses. Minivan rental with Ecorent will be a great solution for everyone to try out this type of vehicle at any desired time without significant financial investment.

Best solution

A minivan is one of the best solutions to any of the family trips. It has also been proved that this kind of vehicle’s accidents on the roads is significantly lower. The main reason for that is balance from wide and low car design. Bigger cars also reduce the effects from contact with trees and a variety of other obstacles if an unforeseen incident occurs. There are various their forms for 25 Ls per day. One of the proposals is the year 2000 released Ford Galaxy. It is possible also to choose between gasoline and diesel engines as well as between manual or automatic transmission. Despite the relatively large size these type cars looks attractive as well. They can be perfectly useful driving in different cities as well as different places in nature as the strong body of car is suitable for various occasions. Minimal rental period is 24 hours and the maximum can reach up to several months. In the lease agreement is recorded the date of receipt as well as the rental cost so that everything is fixed in a convenient and compact way to avoid any unwanted incidents. When booking online or by telephone, minivan has given the bail that later is returned back if the car is given back to the lessor the same condition as received. A person, who rents a car, has also renter’s liability which what he is risking if there are some damages caused to the car or it is stolen. Deductible amount can be reduced with an additional payment. Damage to the car may occur if there is not careful following the all for a vehicle necessary fluid level. This applies both to the correct choice of fuel and the amount of oil, etc. More detailed information about the refund of mechanical damage prevention during the rental period is provided at the getting a rent car. The car that is taken care of will be a great helper to get to the necessary destinations in the desired time. For additional comfort can be rented also GPS, roof racks and child seats in different sizes as well as variety of other things. As one of the shortfall that might seem obstructive is the prohibition to smoke inside of the car and transport the animals. It is stressed, because to clean inside of the car is not as easy as it might seem from the first look. Also with the particular documents and keys should be careful, because it won’t only cause problems to start a car, but also includes a fine. However, for the customer convenience it is offered to deliver a car to the territory of Riga or in the airport itself. It doesn’t have much additional cost so it doesn’t strongly matter if the lessor is located particularly in Riga or elsewhere. The same tenant must be notified if there is a desire to leave the country and where is planned to go for the safety reasons.

Great choice for various trips and destinations

Minivan rent with the Ecorent help will be a great choice for various trips and destinations. Now it is possible to try larger and more spacious vehicle is more convenient and cheaper. It is a great way how to go on a trip with a people close to you without paying a heavy cost for professional, tour guide accompanied tour. There will be enough space to put in the car tents, thus further reducing costs by avoiding the need for more exclusive accommodation while also being much closer to the nature. It is a great and valuable opportunity. The feeling will be close as it was a personal car which is being driven as to adopt to its functions and maintenance isn’t complicated.

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